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Our amazing staff and wildlife can come to you! We offer programs for most audiences.

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Outreach F.A.Q.

How much does an outreach cost?

Outreach program prices vary depending on length of program, audience type, number of programs in a day, number of animals teaching, distance from Leslie, program content, and variety of other variables. Please see each individual outreach page and talk with our Office Manager to determine the price of your program. 

Can I schedule multiple programs for a day?

Of course! We typically schedule multiple outreach programs in one day, and require a 15 minute break in-between each program to reset supplies. If you need to schedule a larger break between programs, there will be an additional $30 charge.

Are your programs aligned with the new Michigan Science Standards and Next Generation Science Standards?

Our programs were recently updated to ensure they continue to complement current standards. See NGSS, DCI, and CCC alignments for K-5 Outreach here. Each program focuses on specific vocabulary, content, and themes that can easily be integrated into your curriculum for the year. For more information or questions regarding our correlation with standards, please contact our Program Manager.

Can you customize a program for a different audience, time, or location?

We love to meet your needs! Please contact our Office Manager at info@lesliesnc.org if you would like to customize a program to a different grade level, age range, or group size.

What wildlife do you bring to teach with?

It depends on the program! We have a variety of reptile, amphibian, bird, and insect ambassadors that help us teach, and can vary depending on your program and group's age-level. 

What are the spacing requirements for your visit?

LSNC staff will need a safe place for animals if there is a break between programs. We require an open floor space with six feet minimum empty space between the audience and presenter, and a six foot table at the front of the presentation area. Our standard classroom programs must be held in a room in which there is no other simultaneous activity--hallways and multi-media centers are not appropriate for our classroom programs and it is suggested you schedule a booth-type program for these instances. 

Do teachers or leaders need to be in the classroom for the program?

Yes. It is extremely important that a teacher or leader of a group is in the room, for classroom management purposes and in the case of an emergency. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Please see our cancellation policy. Any questions regarding a cancellation can be addressed by emailing info@lesliesnc.org, or by calling 734-997-1553

Do you offer scholarships?

We have a limited number of partial scholarships offered each school year.   Click here for more information.


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