a group of children and adults, seen from behind as they walk across Black Pond's bridge

Wildlife Zoom Room

Looking to spice up your weekly meetings? Or maybe bring a special guest to your next virtual party or hangout? Then book a time to let our animal ambassadors join your next virtual meeting! From having an owl front and center on your screen, to watching fruit bats munch away at their afternoon meal, this spectacular program is sure to brighten any virtual meeting room!

Each animal ambassador will be accompanied by one of our education staff members, who will be there to share their story and answer any questions participants may have about each animal. Sessions last from 15 minutes to half an hour. We are able to connect to various virtual meeting platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and more! Or, you're welcome to reserve our zoom room for your special, wildlife meet and greet! 

Party Animals: 15 or 30 minutes Book Now!

Looking to add something new to your next virtual hang out? Invite one of our wildlife ambassadors to be the star of the show during your virtual event! This option is ideal for a birthday party, family reunion, or catching up with friends. Each animal will be joined by a wildlife caretaker to help explain their story, as well as some of their wild adaptations. The 15 minutes also includes time for Q&A, or time to let the animal hang out and enjoy the party!

Animal Encounter: 15 or 30 minutes Book Now!

Invite one of LSNC's wildlife ambassadors to your next meeting or conference! Each animal will be joined by a wildlife caretaker to help explain the individual's story, as well as its wild adaptations. 15 minutes includes time for Q&A, or to just have the live animal sit in for part of your meeting! We can't guarantee they'll provide any feedback, but they'll be the next hit during your virtual session!

Available Animal Ambassadors:

Barred Owl 

The Barred Owl is no stranger to online teaching. He's been logging onto zoom for over 6 years! The Barred Owl is a charismatic edition to any conversation with his large dark and mysterious eyes! This owl is full of curiosity and turns his head at any new sound or notification chime he hears during meetings. This makes him a very good at paying attention at meetings. If you're lucky, you may even hear him hoot or wink! 





Boa Constrictor 

Whether it's hugging a tree branch, or accidentally licking the camera with their tongues, boa constrictors are fascinating to watch! Enjoy watching the behavior of these laid-back, powerful creatures as they slide their way into your next virtual hang out. Any constrictor you meet is naturally found in tropical habitats, so the colorations and adaptations these creatures possess are sure to amaze you and your virtual guests! If you have trouble sitting still in meetings, you will get along great with these critters. 




Fruit Bat 

Have you ever seen a fruit bat eat a piece of papaya or banana? Have one of our adorable, dog-faced megabats hang out (literally) with you during snack time as they chomp away at their fruit salad. It's hard not to chuckle as they as they fill their mouths with fruit. All the while their fuzzy ears spin left and right taking in every sound from your meeting or event. You can’t resist falling in love as they huddle together for warmth and comfort once their bellies are full. 





Red-Tailed Hawk 

If you have ever seen them resting along the highway or soaring in the air, you'll be blown away by their actual size and stature when you see a red-tailed hawk up close next to a human! Our red-tailed hawk is chock-full of incredible, predatory features, but will usually hold a stoic pose as you take in her amazing plumage and temperament. During the day, she's quite active, so you may have the chance to watch her stretch her wings while you take care of business at your next virtual session. We will keep an eye on her but be warned, she has been known to knock our video camera over with her large wingspan when she stretches!  






This critter has an intimidating look with all of those pointy spines on its body, but wait until you see the soft furry underbelly! Hedgehogs take a minute to warm up to any situation but the wait is worth it. Watching them curiously and cautiously poke their little noses out until it appears to be safe is part of the fun. Once they are out, they are full of personality and impossible to forget. 

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