A group of children attending a camp, standing outdoors in a row, with two of our educators

Hours & Site

Each year, we welcome thousands of groups, individuals, and families wishing to explore our facilities, grounds, trails, and raptor enclosures.

General Information & Hours

  • We're located at 1831 Traver Road on the north side of Ann Arbor, right next to Leslie Park Golf Course. Traver Road can be reached from Barton Drive (to our west) which is easily accessed from M-14 (Exit 4) or Plymouth Road (south of us).
  • The grounds, trails, and raptor enclosures are open to the public year round from dawn to dusk. 
  • The administrative office is closed Saturday and Sunday.
  • The Critter House is open to the public on select days.
  • Our other facilities are occupied for public programs, rentals, birthday parties, scout programs, field trips, and office space; and are not open to the public. We do not have a public restroom
  • LSNC strives to support the success and exploration of neurodivers audiences at our site and programs. If you want to know what to expect on your visit, you can view a social story about our site.

Visiting Groups of 10 or more people

*ALL GROUPS and Organized Gatherings of 10 or more*
 Please review for a successful visit!

Groups are always welcome! Whether you wish to participate in a LSNC program or choose to visit on your own, RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR GROUPS OF 10 OR MORE. ALL GROUPS and Organized Gatherings of 10 or more must schedule their visit prior to arrival whether you are interested in a LSNC-led program or choose to explore on your own. Scheduling your visit helps to ensure a quality experience for you and other groups that have arranged to visit. Quite often we have days when very large group events are taking place and certain areas are off-limits to other visitors and groups. To ensure the best experience for everyone, please contact us to schedule your visit at least two weeks in advance by calling 734-997-1553 or emailing info@lesliesnc.org.

Groups Visiting Without A Program

Whether you plan to enjoy the trails, visit the raptor enclosures, or explore the grounds, you must schedule your visit.  Leslie Science & Nature Center is very busy with classes and camps on weekdays 8am – 4:00 pm from April - August. Starting in June 2019, we will also have a major construction project taking place that will limit site availability. For updates on this project, please click here.

To avoid being asked to not enter certain areas, please arrange to have your group come after these times on the weekdays, or anytime on the weekends. Contact us to learn more and schedule your visit.

Groups Visiting With A Program

We offer a variety of fun and exciting nature programs, hikes, and site tours for all ages led by LSNC staff.  Reasonable fees apply and are based on group size.  Please consider scheduling a field trip, scout program, or contact our Main Office to organize a custom program by calling 734-997-1553.