a group of children and adults, seen from behind as they walk across Black Pond's bridge

Virtual Spring Break Camp

While we can't offer our traditional in person camp programming, we know that the camp spirit is more important now than ever. We're excited that we were able to offer a week of activities and programming for families at home in our Virtual Spring Break Camp! We’re taking camp and streaming it right into your homes!

Camp is best when it we can engage with each other, so to find the activities and join in, we encourage you to follow our LSNC and AAHOM Facebook pages. There you'll have opportunities to see the activities, participate in our daily challenges, share your fun with others, and vote on what activities you want to see later in the week! Please take a look at our programming schedule for information

Now that virtual spring break is over, you can find links to the activities below! 

Morning Craft Science Journal Paper Flyers Animal Masks Anemometer Butterflies
Environmental Education  Close Observation Rings Signs of Spring Hike Identification Hike Science of Baking Hike Theme Grab Bag
STEM Education Insulation Experiment Rube Goldberg Machines Does it float? Volcanoes Marshmallow Catapults
Chillaxation Nature Journaling Nature Inspired Art Animal Yoga Nature Sound Meditation Storytime
Song Time Song Time Song Time Song Time Song Time Virtual Concert with Joe Reilly
Camp Games Teamwork Drawing Camp Games Improv Games Camp Games  

The Activities

Morning Craft: Start your day off with a bit of a creative spark. We'll post short videos describing a science focused craft activity you can do at home. We'll include additional STEM activities that can be done and some science topic connections.

Environmental Education: Get out of the house and get some fresh air with one of our environmental education activities. We'll give you an activity you can do with your family in your backyard, in a nearby park, or out on one of Ann Arbor's many trails. Every activity will come with extensions, resources, and more ideas to keep the learning flowing! If you choose to do these activities outside, we ask that you please practice appropriate social distancing and follow any parks or government restrictions 

Stem EducationGet your hands on STEM learning! We'll walk you through how to do a variety of experiments and activities in your home using materials you have on hand. Every activity will come with extensions, resources, and more ideas to keep the learning flowing! 

Chillaxation: At camp, one of our favorite times is the midday rest and reflection periodchillaxation. We'll give you a short activity you can do with your children to help them reflect, recenter, and refocus. 

Song TimeNo camp, virtual or otherwise, would be complete without a bit of singing! We'll share some videos of our favorite camp songs for you to listen and sing along to. Each day we'll post two of our favorite songs, an educational song and a silly camp song.

FREE Live Education Workshop: Join one of our expert educators in a live education workshop! Each day we'll stream a full education program right into your home that you can participate in and follow along. These activities are the centerpiece of Virtual Spring Break and are completely free for all participants thanks to generous funding from the Bosch Corporation. Registration links can be found in the schedule table above. Once registered, you will receive the information and codes to needed to access the stream.

Camp Games: To wrap up the day we'll leave you with a fun game or activity to do at home. Camp games help foster teamwork, creativity, and learning through fun so we encourage the whole family to join in!