A group of children attending a camp, standing outdoors in a row, with two of our educators

Adoption Program Donors

Adopt-a-Critter Program

EASTERN BOX TURTLE Adopted by: Mrs. Slusher - Salem Elementary

GREEN FROG Adopted by: Andrew Elbert

BEARDED DRAGON Adopted by: Eberwhite Elementary 

Adopt-a-Raptor Program

AMERICAN KESTREAdopted by: Saoirse Walsh, Richard and Beverly Ratcliffe, Matthew Meader, Theresa Petsch, Heidi Hargesheimer 

BALD EAGLE Adopted by: Mrs. Klein’s Kindergarten Class-Bryant School, Sam Offen, Sam Fisk, Kathryn Clark, Anj Dlugosz

BARRED OWL Adopted by: Wild Birds Unlimited - Ann Arbor, Al and Karen Gallup, Davey Kuhnlein, Mrs. Gisela O.M. Milla, The Borgsdorf Family, Marianne Podeschi, Elliott Levinson-Brennan, Theresa Petsch, The Osterholzer Family

BROAD-WINGED HAWK Adopted by: Susan and Bruce Furr, Trevor Kuhnlein, Mrs. Carpenter's First and Second Graders at Summers-Knoll School

EASTERN SCREECH OWL Adopted by: In Honor of Jim Knox, Peter Bertocci, Mrs. Kessler's 4th Grade Class - Wylie Elementary, In Honor of Mrs. Elizabeth Rieder 

GREAT HORNED OWL Adopted by: Cooper Bush and The Reads, Connor Walsh, Maggie Beeson, In Memory of Sue Benson, Gerald Nordblom, Ella Woltmann-Lewis

NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWL Adopted by: Tenyson Keyser, Kathryn Clark, The Heisler Family, Mrs. Carpenter's First and Second Graders at Summers-Knoll School, Marianne Podeschi, A2 STEAM 4th Graders

PEREGRINE FALCON Adopted by: Thurston Elementary, Elijah Hatcher-Kay, Kevin Dailey, Adithya and Ravi Laakso, Zachary Robertson, Fritz Kaenzig, In Honor of Mrs. Holly Patterson, Steve Davidson In Memory of Harriet Davidson, Eliza Selcer, Lynn and Ron Olson, Ms. Hickman- Wines Elementary, Everett Dede, Sean Spooner

RED-TAILED HAWK Adopted by: Deborah Selders In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Dhulster, Sieko Hideshima, Julie Lerini, Mary Jo Tuton, Thomas H and Mary Steffek Blaske

TURKEY VULTURE Adopted by: Lucy Scott, Ethan Chernenkoff, Platypus Childcare, the Ryan family