a group of children and adults, seen from behind as they walk across Black Pond's bridge

Adoption Program Donors

AMERICAN KESTREL Adopted by: Zoë Leider, Community Day Care & Preschool, Robert J. Fagerlund, Kate Weskamp and John Jasa, Beverly & Richard Ratcliffe and Katherine Nakama & David Lin

BALD EAGLE Adopted by: Eberwhite Elementary, Kyle Adams, Ms. Brainard - Salem Elementary, Adelaide Woon, Andrzej Dlugosz, Angela Cole, and the Offen/Frankel Family

BARRED OWL Adopted by: Burns Park 3rd Graders, The Ryan Family, Al & Karen Gallup, Karen Vigmostad, First United Methodist Church in Ferndale, and Molly Schneidewind

COMMON SNAPPING TURTLE Adopted by: Gisela O.M. Milla, and Ms. Harper from Allen Elementary

EASTERN BOX TURTLE Adopted by: Usasi Sural

EASTERN SCREECH OWL Adopted by: Mr. B., Rebecca Lincoln, UM-D Environmental Interpretation Class, and Jeannine Tran


EGYPTIAN FRUIT BAT Adopted by: Felix and Frey Rase

GREAT HORNED OWL Adopted by: Ben & Keirstin Lincoln, Teddy Bear Day Care Center Preschool Class, Josie Bachman, and Cooper Bush and the Reads

PAINTED TURTLE Adopted by: Eberwhite Elementary

PEREGRINE FALCON Adopted by: Caleb Kline and Sarah Allexan, Girl Scout Troop 41682, Platypus Childcare, Kate Remen-Wait, The Friends of Dominic and Camila, and Mrs. Kelly Parachek 

RED-TAILED HAWK Adopted by: Seiko hawk lover, Mr. Romero, Doughty Montessori, The Friends of Dominic and Camila, and The Pilutti Family 

TURKEY VULTURE Adopted by: Stephen Hampel, Ethan Chernenkoff, Summers-Knoll First and Second Graders - Environmental Superheroes!, Platypus Childcare, Lucy Scott, Lois & Bill Lovejoy, Evan Leach, and the Parekh Family