a butterfly resting on a purple flower

Adoption Program Donors

AMERICAN KESTREL Adopted by: Beverly & Richard Ratcliffe, Paul and Emma, Mom-a-saur, Monika Kinga Lic, Dan Moons, Lary and Deb, Ian Lewis, Cordelia and Beatrice Luk, and Kristal Kilgore

BALD EAGLE Adopted by: Beverly & Richard Ratcliffe, Summers-Knoll School, Ms. Liz's Snails, Tim Kuhnlein, Calliope Bockmon, Jimmy Bates, Angela Cole, Cece Kordas, Andrzej and Cynthia Dlugosz, and the Offen/Frankel Family

BARRED OWL Adopted by: Monica Milla in memory of Gisela O.M. Milla, Robert J. Fagerlund, Emily Makowski and Patrick Kinnunen, Susan Robertson-Gwizdz, Adrianna Chapman, Sandy Ryder in memory of Henry G. Mountain who lived a life filled with love of music, nature, family, and friends, and First United Methodist Church in Ferndale

CECROPIA MOTH Adopted by: Emmet Torrance


EASTERN SCREECH OWL Adopted by: Heather and Matt, The Lowery Family, Finley Bockmon, Trevor Kuhnlein,The Giesler Family, Adeline Mae Berriz, Dave Arnsdorf, Sarah Haynes and Paul Campbell, Sacred Heart Catholic School, Cheng Family, Rebecca Lincoln, Emily Vercammen, and Rachel and Ben Ryan 

EASTERN TIGER SALAMANDER Adopted by: Parker & Elon, Will Bodeis

GREAT HORNED OWL Adopted by: Nathan MacPherson, Michele Evich, Chiara, Cooper Bush and David and Alisande Read, Vincent Rozyczko DVM, Rose Weston, MacKay Heger, Kaia Tacon, Alison K., Pilutti Family, Ben & Keirstin Lincoln, MPSA Crush, The Ryan Family

JAMAICAN FRUIT BAT Adopted by: Chris Swinko

PAINTED TURTLE Adopted by: Jack & Julie Frost

PEREGRINE FALCON Adopted by: The McNally Family, The Emery Family, Lena Scott, Kate Remen-Wait, Ilyse Kaplan and Alon Ben Cnaan, The Dibblettes: Willow, Jonah, Hazel, BHB, Julia Lee Cunningham & Edward Cunningham, Tim Bailey, Fritz & Monica Kaenzig, and Daniel Brosmer

RED-TAILED HAWK Adopted by: Summers-Knoll School, Judith M. Ebner, David Kuhnlein, Pavel Godfrey, Ryan Family, Steve and Nina Abney, and Graham Critchfield & Friends

TURKEY VULTURE Adopted by: Stephen Hampel, The Parekh Family, Gus & Callum Chaiken, Lucy Scott, Max, Sarah Arcos and Nick Strayer, and Evan Leach