A group of children attending a camp, standing outdoors in a row, with two of our educators

Adoption Program Donors

Adopt-a-Critter Program

SNAPPING TURTLE Adopted by: Monica Milla

PAINTED TURTLE Adopted by: Pattengill Elementary 

Adopt-a-Raptor Program

AMERICAN KESTREL Adopted by: Rachel Young, Pattengill Elementary, Amy Spooner, Nicole Perry, Susan Carpenter, and Daniel Moons

BALD EAGLE Adopted by: Andrzej Dlugosz, Neha Shah, Laurel Taylor, Angela Cole, Carolyn Greenblatt, Tim Fisk, and Sam Offen

BARRED OWL Adopted by: First United Methodist Church, Jill Lemens, Eberwhite Elementary 5th grade, Sisters Class UMC, Beth Grzelak, Lucia Baru, Sara Schneidewind, Sarah Wentzloff, Suzanne Muenz, Timan and Gail Kuhnlein, and Monica Milla

BROAD-WINGED HAWK Adopted by: Rachel Gioscia-Ryan, and Susan and Bruche Furr

EASTERN SCREECH OWL Adopted by: Phyllis Ponvert, Susan Carpenter, and Melissa Altese

GREAT HORNED OWL Adopted by: Eberwhite Elementary, Valerie Barton, Kate Remen-Wait, Eugenie Bemish, and David Read

​NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWL Adopted by: Courtney Kiley and Sarah Allexan

PEREGRINE FALCON Adopted by: Jessica Comben, Laura Herold, Aarre Laakso, Alejandro Sanchez, Fritz Kaenzig, Joshua Kay, and Rebecca Antanaitis

RED-TAILED HAWK Adopted by: Sharon Doughty, Crissy McNulty, Seiko Hideshima, Tim and Gail Kuhnlein, and Mrs. Vendittelli's 1st Grade Class

TURKEY VULTURE Adopted by: A2 STEAM 4th Graders, Elizabeth Davis, Ethan Chernenkoff, Lois Lovejoy, Bonnie Dede, and Sarah Gelehrter