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Outreach Programs Summer 2021

We are excited to offer select outreach opportunities on a case by case basis. These programs can come to your outdoor space for schools, scouts, religious facilities and community centers. If you have an outdoor space and can fulfill the following requirements, please give us a call!

General Requirements:

  • This year, outreach programs must be in an outdoor setting to maintain COVID-19 recommended protocols.
  • If there is inclement weather, then organizations can cancel or reschedule.
  • All outdoor settings must have a covered space (shade) for the educator. We are able to provide 1, 10x10 tent if needed.
  • Outreach programs need to have an audience size complying with any local health guidelines, not to exceed 30 people. This is to ensure the comfort, safety, and overall experience of an outdoor program.
  • Audience members must stay at least 10 feet away from any presenter and their belongings. 
  • Audience members, including staff, campers, and participants over 2 years of age are highly encouraged to wear a mask during the program. This is to ensure the safety of our staff, as well as any other visitors that may attend the program. 
  • Audience members will not be allowed to touch any specimens, tools, experiments, or wildlife during and after a program is conducted.
  • Staff will wear a mask for the duration of the program.


Program fees start at $200. Please contact us for an exact quote. Variations include: Additional fees for mileage and reduced rates for additional programs scheduled on the same day. 

To Register:

Due to COVID-19 we have reduced staff hours and encourage you to email with your request so our front office can get back you the next time they are in the office.

Current Offerings:

Program Name


Target Audience

Hunters of the Sky It’s all about survival! Three engaging raptors will visit your site to demonstrate and model their amazing survival characteristics and techniques. All Ages
Understanding Owls Our owls will engage, delight, and educate your students during a personal visit to your classroom. Classification, conservation, and survival techniques are just a few of the topics we will explore by observing live birds. All Ages
Cold-Blooded Classification Engage in the world of classification as we focus on a particular cold-blooded animal group: Reptiles! By meeting live reptiles, students will explore the adaptations that make them successful and how scientists compare and contrast these particular cold-blooded creatures. All Ages
Walking Up a Food Chain Together we will construct a live food chain as your students meet a raptor, reptile, amphibian, arachnid, and an insect. Along the way, we discuss how these animals' lives are connected and learn about the delicate balance that allows them to survive both individually and together as wildlife who share a habitat. All Ages