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Distance Learning Programs Summer 2021

Connect from anywhere! We have the capability to allow ANY school to connect to us virtually. Whether you have the traditional H.323 videoconferencing system or a computer with a webcam, speakers, and microphone, you can bring our Distance Learning programs into your classroom.

We Provide:

  • A 50-minute interactive program.
  • A kit with materials for interactive experiments for 30 students.
  • A Teacher’s Guide to prepare you, your classroom, and your students before the experience.
  • Extension activities and resources for further exploration.

To Register for a Distance Learning Program:

Due to COVID-19 we have reduced staff hours and encourage you to email with your request so our front office can get back you the next time they are in the office.

Current Offerings:

Program Name:


Target Audience:


Slime Time and the States of Matter Explore the three states of matter by making two types of slime. Get up and moving to determine what state your matter is in! K-8th $145
Halloween Slime Time Explore our smoky cauldron and mysterious concoctions as we make two types of slime. Younger students use their slime to investigate the three states of matter. Older students investigate the properties of polymers. Gooey concoctions are perfect for Halloween fun! Available only during October. K-8th $145 
The Fossil Record Take a look at actual fossils, discover the clues that they hide, and learn how to interpret their stories which unfolded millions of years ago. 2nd-5th $160
Cow Eye Dissection Get a closer look at the anatomy of the eye and how it works together with the brain to create visual images as we demonstrate dissecting real cow eyes. 4th-8th $200
Out of this World!* Come explore the universe with us! We’ll discover how our days, seasons, and years can be predicted by the orbit of Earth around the sun. We’ll learn how stars in our galaxy and planets in solar system compare to each other and try our hand at modeling how stars are formed. 1st-5th $150
Critters in the Cold Let’s take a virtual trip to Antarctica! Discover how blubber, feathers, and more help animals adapt to extreme weather. K-2nd $145
Wonderful Water* Water may be all around us, but it’s actually pretty special. We’ll discover how water changes phases through the water cycle, how surface tension keeps water molecules together, and even look at technology that changes how water behaves. Come discover what makes water so wonderful! 2nd–4th $150
Walking Up a Food Chain We will create a food chain with the help of meeting live animals up close! We’ll work our way up from the 1st consumer until we reach the top predator of the food chain we built! We’ll also discuss how each animal survives in the wild. K-8th $175
Cold-Blooded Classification: Reptiles Every animal group possesses unique characteristics to help scientists tell them apart. For the lab, we’ll explore the diverse group of reptiles, understanding what makes a reptile a reptile. Learn how classification works, what features we observe to identify different live reptiles, and then try your newfound knowledge with a mystery reptile at the very end! K-8th $175
Bat Biology Join in as we take an up-close look into the wondrous world of bats! Meet three live bats during our program as they teach us about what makes bats so unique and why they're important across the globe. 3rd-8th $150
Owls from the Inside Out Meet live owls up close as we discover the behaviors of these silent predators of the night. We’ll demonstrate the survival techniques of these mysterious creatures, demonstrate how to dissect and owl pellet, and explore how owls can successfully navigate in the dark. 1st-8th $200
Nature’s Recyclers* Students will learn the important role that scavengers and decomposers play in our everyday lives. We’ll meet live animals, including a turkey vulture up close, and discover just how decomposition works, and why it’s essential for all living things. 4th-8th $150
Snakes and the Scientific Method* After practicing observational skills of reptiles such as snakes, students will the scientific method as they attempt to discover one of the snake’s natural habitats. We’ll perform an experiment, learn how to use evidence to solve problems and answer questions, and even test our new knowledge with a snake in a mystery habitat! 2nd-6th $150
Life Cycle Strategies* Through observations of live animals and scientific journaling, students will compare and contrast the life cycles and adaptations of different organisms. By analyzing animals at different stages of their life cycle, audiences will discover the intimate connections between living things and their habitats. 2nd-6th $150

There is a $20 shipping charge for all programs that include kits and additional charges may apply if shipping internationally. Programs marked with * do not include kits.