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STEM at Home

Discover science and connect to the natural world while staying safe and healthy at home!

Check out our virtual programming schedule and browse through our list of resources, activities, crafts, videos, and more to help continue to bring science into your world.



Member's Virtual STEM Workshops

Join one of our staff members through a live video stream as we learn about all aspects of science!

Current members will receive weekly emails with links to register to upcoming workshops.

The schedule changes every week, so make sure to check your email every weekend for the upcoming week’s workshops!

  Mon, May 18th Tue, May 19th Wed, May 20th Thur, May 21st Fri, May 22nd
12pm Walking Up a Food Chain Fascinating Fossils Cold-Blooded Classification Wind Energy Nature's Recyclers
3pm Nature's Nightlife Earth's Systems Life Cycle Strategies The Human Body Explore Your Five Senses

Workshops typically last 40 minutes

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Free, open for all live workshops

Not a member yet? Don’t fret! Every Friday we offer a virtual STEM workshop for any and all participants to join. Check weekly for the theme and click the link below to register for this virtual program!

  Fri, May 22nd  
11am Marvelous Magnets  

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