A group of children attending a camp, standing outdoors in a row, with two of our educators

Preschool Outreach

Preschool Outreach

Duration 45 minutes
Cost $140 for the first program, plus mileage
$100 for additional programs
Group Size 20 maximum
Set up and location Programs require an open floor space with at least six feet between the staff and the audience, and a six foot table. A storytime area where students are seated on the floor is ideal for these presentations.

Program Descriptions

Radical Reptiles

Through a story, visit from live reptiles, and an up close investigations of shells, scales, and specimen preschoolers will discover what makes these often misunderstood animals unique.

Where Animals Winter

With a story and a visit from one of our animals, students will learn about how animals survive the winter with hibernation, migration, and staying here and staying active!

Silent Feathered Friends

Young students let their imaginations take flight as we spin an owl tale. After the story, students enjoy hands-on experiences with our specimens and meet a native Michigan owl

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