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Afterschool Programs

By focusing on key concepts, LSNC's educators are able to create exciting, innovative, and engaging programs that allow participants hands-on experience with scientific concepts. We have seen first hand how this type of kinesthetic engagement with subjects allows a deeper understanding of scientific principles and reinforces teaching done in a classroom setting. The concepts we cover create a base for understanding of how the world works, and we work in conjunction with you and your school to establish a solid science foundation for each student.

Scheduling Overview

Duration 1 hour
Grade Range 1-5th
Cost $180 for first program, plus mileage
$125 for additional, consecutive programs
Group Size 20 maximum, additional fee for 21+ children
Set up and location Programs require an open floor space with at least six feet between the staff and the audience, and a six foot table and large area or outdoor space to facilitate games. *Please see specific program descriptions for classroom set-up requirements.

K-5 Program Descriptions

Program Title Description
Backyard Birding Explore the power of observation and learn the basics of birding through shade, sound, and shenanigans! Participants will play bird body bingo and find birds using binoculars.
Access to outdoor space is required to schedule this program.

Bubble Science

Practicing the scientific method will help students understand the science behind bubbles.  Students will create a hypothesis and test their prediction on how bubbles form, pop, and what makes a bubble.

It’s all about sorting!  Compare, contrast, and classify live animals to learn what makes a mammal different from a bird and how reptiles are different from both. 

Decomposers We will discover the important role of scavengers and recyclers of the natural world and meet a few of nature’s recyclers. Access to outdoor space is required to schedule this program.

Building a bug, meeting an insect, and active game will help students discover what makes an animal an insect and ways they help humans. 


Discover plant and animal life cycles! Participants will investigate, compare and contrast animal and plant lifecycles.  Students will arrange a metamorphic life cycle using models.


Students will learn about the state we live in and what makes it so special.


Students will be amazed as they discover what life is like for a nighttime predator through hands-on activities.  We will explore adaptations, survival techniques, and dissect owl pellets.
Pond Study What lives in a pond? What makes this habitat special? Students will explore their pond and discover what lurks beneath the murky waters, and what it can tell us about the ecosystem.
Access to a water source for study is needed for this program.

Reptiles & Amphibians

Reptiles and amphibians will join us for observation and comparison.  Hands-on activities for your students will help illustrate adaptations, behavior, and physical structures of these incredible cold-blooded animals.

Water Journey

Where does water go?  How does it travel?  Through a game and enviroscape exploration students will record their own journey through the water cycle. 

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    • Ideal dates & class size
    • Program choice

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