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Monarch Migration Festival FAQ

Where do the Monarch Butterflies come from for this event?

LSNC has had the pleasure of partnering with Michigan Native Butterfly Farm ever since we hosted our first Monarch Migration Festival. The Michigan Native Butterfly Farm is dedicated to promoting awareness of local butterfly species including Monarchs, Painted Ladies, and more. They also have their own nursery, growing host plants and wildflowers to help create Monarch waystations and pollinator hotspots.

Is there a cut off date for when I can register?

The final day of registration is Friday, August 28th. This allows us to make sure all materials needed for the event, including the number of butterflies to release, is in order before the day of the event.

Once I register, when I will be able to pick up my butterfly?

On the day of the event, LSNC will be providing curbside pick up at LSNC’s main site (1831 Traver Rd.) for anyone who wishes to pick up and release their own butterfly. Pick up times will occur between 10am-1pm. Those who registered can also pick up their Pollinator Partners Pack at the same time.

If I purchased a Pollinator Partners Pack and wish to have it shipped, when will I receive it?

Pollinator Partners Packs will be shipped every Monday in August. After Monday, August 24th, there is no guarantee that the pack will be shipped to your residence before the event date.

If I choose for LSNC to release my butterfly, will I be able to watch it when it happens?

Yes! On the day of the event at 1pm, we will be livestreaming the butterfly release in LSNC’s pollinator garden as well as other educational programming, including other pollinators like our fruit bat educators! Everyone who registers will receive a link to the zoom room we will use. Folks are welcome to chime in and watch, or turn their video on and release their butterfly at the same time!

Besides the butterfly release, what else is happening during the event time?

The event consists of many activities to help us celebrate essential pollinators and the amazing feats they overcome. Other activities include virtual presentations about pollinators from around the world, educational resources from our local partners that are also promoting these conservation efforts, and information on where you can observe some local pollinators up close.

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