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Scout Overnights

Due to ongoing site maintenance, we are hosting 2-hour scout programs at nearby Gallup Park and Furstenberg Nature Area. Scouts have the opportunity to explore prairie, woods, and wetlands as they work to earn their badge. Please email or call 734-997-1553 for more information.

Scout Overnight programs are temporarily suspended.

For exciting camp-in opportunities at our partner site Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, please visit

We know that nothing excites a scout like staying out! Come join us at LSNC for an evening of exploration, discovery and s'mores. Choose 1 or 2 scout badges to complete as you enjoy your camp-in at LSNC.

Duration 6PM-10AM,  Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday
LSNC Staff-led activities 6PM-9PM & 7AM-10AM
Cost $35 per scout, no charge for adults
$350 minimum
Group Size maxmimum 17 scouts
Sleeping Arrangements DTE Energy House. See our suggested packing list, as far as suggestions for what to bring.
Location Leslie Science & Nature Center--Critter House, Raptor Enclosures, and Black Pond Woods Trails
Parking Limited, carpool if possible
Lunch or dinner add-on $25 for additional 30 minutes before or after program

Scout Overnight Timeline

Evening and morning timing of activities may vary depending on badge requirements. If you are participating in a Camper Overnight, see our suggestions below for campfire dinners. Please contact our program manager for any specific questions regarding the timeline of activities. 

Evening, 6PM-9PM *

6:00 PM: Introduction and Welcome to LSNC! We'll hear the Leslie Story, introduce ourselves, and make a plan for the evening
6:15 PM: Choice 1 Badge activities - hiking, exploring, and discovering! You can choose from these girl scout and cub scout badges
8:15 PM: Campfire & S'mores - We'll sit around a warm campfire and roast marshmallows. 
9:00 PM: Goodbye and Goodnight - Your educator will say goodnight and ensure your scouts get a good night's rest. If you would like to extend you campfire beyond 9PM, please let our office know when scheduling and we can make it happen!

Morning, 7AM-10AM *

7:00 AM: Good Morning! Your educator will arrive and start the breakfast process. We provide tea and coffee for the adults and cocoa on chilly mornings for the scouts.
7:15 AM: Breakfast - Once the scouts have woken up, put away their things, and dressed, a bagel breakfast is served!
7:45 AM: Clean Up and Get Ready! - Once breakfast is finished, scouts will be asked to leave the space as they found it and prepare for the morning adventure. 
8:00 AM: Choice 2 Badge activities - more hiking, exploring, and discovering! You can choose from these girl scout and cub scout badges
10:00AM: Farewell - see you next time!

*if you choose only one badge activity, the timing and activities will be adjusted

Ready to schedule a program?

Suggested Packing List

Below is our suggested packing list to help you prepare--but feel free to bring your own essentials! If you would like a PDF version of the packing list to share with your scouts or chaperones, click here.

Please check the weather before packing for your visit! Keep in mind that you’ll be spending at least half of your program time outdoors.

  • Comfortable, warm clothes for your evening  hike and campfire
  • Comfortable, warm clothes for your morning program and hike
  • Pajamas and slippers/sleeping socks for indoors
  • Hiking boots or tennis shoes

Special considerations:

  • Rain: rain boots, rain jacket, warm socks, warm layers, extra clothes
  • Snow & Cold (below 45): hat, winter coat, sweatshirt, scarf, gloves/mittens, long underwear, winter boots, warm socks
  • Hot days: hat, shorts and a t-shirt, close-toed shoes

Sleeping Supplies
You’ll be sleeping on the carpeted floor of the DTE Energy House.

  • Sleeping bag & sleeping pad
  • Pillow

Toiletries & Personal Hygiene

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste

Personal Items

  • Refillable Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Book
  • Flashlight (for reading)
  • Bug spray
  • Medicine
  • Notebook and pen
  • Snacks or additional food for evening or morning — you will be given a s'more's snack and bagel and fruit breakfast, but feel free to bring  supplemental snacks!

Camper Overnight Meal Suggestions

As part of the Camper Overnight Badge, you must prepare a meal over the fire. We require that it is something simple, that can be prepared, eaten, and cleaned up in 30-45 minutes. You will have access to skewers and a fire. Below are some suggestions of what has been tasty and simple in the past:

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 734.997.1553

We hope to see you soon!