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Elementary Field Trips

Due to ongoing site maintenance, we are hosting field trips at nearby Gallup Park and Furstenberg Nature Area. Students have the opportunity to explore prairie, woods, and wetlands, participate in engaging activities and meet live animals up close.

Please email or call 734-997-1553 for more information.

Outreach programs that bring wildlife and hands-on activities to your school or community organization are also available year-round!

Our fantastic kindergarten through fifth grade programs are designed to intrigue and excite young minds. We strive to provide students with experiences that foster curiosity about the natural world and promote environmental literacy through the lens of Michigan’s natural history and resources.

Scheduling Overview

  • Duration: 1.5-2 hours
  • Cost: $7/child (including siblings), no charge for adults
    • $120 minimum for 1.5 hours
    • $140 minimum for 2 hours
  • Maximum group size: 60 children for most programs, 75 children for programs marked (*)
  • Booking a program: Fill out the Field Trip Request Form, call 734.997.1553, or e-mail
Please review our Field Trip F.A.Q. for more information about our site and being prepared for your program.

Program Descriptions

Program Title Length Grade  Description

Sensing Nature*

1.5 hrs  K

How do animals use their sense of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing? Students will discover how animals use their senses to survive by observing a live animal up close, exploring stops along our outdoor “Sensory Nature Trail,” and much more! Your students’ senses are sure to be engaged!

Seeds, Sprouts, Stems 1.5 hrs K-2

Explore up close the living things all around us: Plants! This program features hands-on activities, a hike, and an up close look at how plants photosynthesize, grow, and more. Students will walk away understanding what plants need to thrive, obtain nutrients, and provide resources for all other living things!

Insect Investigations*

Offered April-Sept.

1.5 or 2 hrs K-2 After building a bug, meeting live insects, and taking a rare look into an active bee hive, students will learn what it's like to be a bee as they attempt to gather enough nectar for the winter.

Habitat Hunt*

1.5 or 2 hrs K-5

What is a habitat?  Through guided exploration, a hike through the woods, and scientific journaling, students will discover what makes Black Pond Woods a special place for the animals that inhabit it.

Beaks, Feathers, Talons

2 hrs 3-5

LSNC’s resident raptors help us explore bird adaptations and discover  what helps them survive in the wild. Students will take a birding hike, run an experiment on beak designs, play a game, and meet one of our birds up close!

Tremendous Trees

2 hrs 3-5 

What would we be without trees? Students will explore the plant that provides us with life supporting resources through hands-on exploration, identification, and a hike through a place where so many trees call their home—the woods!

The Nature of Water

Offered March - Nov.

2 hrs 3-5

What is a watershed? How does water move throughout our planet? Through hands-on exploration, inquiry, and observation, students will discover the vital role water plays in all our ecosystems. Students will take a hike through the woods, meet an animal that lives in an aquatic habitat, and understand how the water cycle works.

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