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All public operations are limited to select programming until further notice. Check this page for the latest information.

Our Place: Field Trips!

Let nature become your classroom through hands-on activities, observation, and exploration! Each of our field-trip programs are designed to be engaging, fun, and foster curiosity about the natural world. Our hope is that your students leave with an increased confidence as a scientist, along with the knowledge and appreciation of the world around them.

Field Trip Overview 

Duration 1.5-2 hours
Cost $6, $7 per student
$90, $120, $140 minimum per class
Group Size 60-75 maximum (30 maximum during the summer)
Grade Level & Themes


Fall, Spring, Sensing Nature

Kindergarten- 5th

Sensing Nature; Exploring Black Pond; Habitat Hunt; Ecosystem Explorers; Beaks, Feathers & Talons; Winter Woods; Tremendous Trees; and Insect Investigations

Location Leslie Science & Nature Center--Critter House, Raptor Enclosures, and Black Pond Woods Trails
Parking Limited, bus or carpool if possible
Lunch $25 flat fee for 30 minutes - Click here to see what's included in lunch 

Ready to schedule a program?

  • Field-Trip Request Form 
  • Call 734-997-1553 or e-mail with the following information:
    • Teacher name, phone number, and e-mail
    • School name & address
    • Group size 
    • Program choice
    • Ideal dates
  • Programs need to be scheduled at least three weeks in advance to ensure we have adequate staffing.

Want more details? See our F.A.Q. below.

Field Trip F.A.Q.

How should we dress for our program?

Check the weather before your visit to know what to expect. We've created this handy Dressing for the Weather Guide that you can print and give to your students and chaperones before their visit.  

  • We go outside in RAIN or SHINE, WIND or SNOW, and HOT or COLD
  • Kids and adults should be prepared to hike, explore, and play games outside
  • We spend at least half of our time outside for each program; and
  • Inclement weather plans are only instituted for active thunderstorms and extreme cold, wind, or heat.

When should we arrive?

Programs begin promptly at start time. Feel free to arrive 5-10 minutes early to use the bathroom, get a drink, and organize your groups. During the springtime, our site is gets busier and you may need to park in the overflow parking area at the bottom of the field. Click here for a parking map

How many chaperones can go on a trip?

Groups must be accompanied by at least one adult for every 15 students. Adults are free to attend. If you're an adult visiting our site with a group, check out this Guideline for Grown-Ups to know what is expected of you as a chaperone.

How should we split up our students?

Preschool   K-5  
12 students 1 group 15 students 1 group
13-24 students 2 groups 16-30 students 2 groups
25-36 students 3 groups  31-45 students 3 groups
37-48 students 4 groups 46-60 students 4 groups
49-60 students 5 groups 61-75 students*

5 groups

* If you are doing Exploring Black Pond, you will need to split up your students into 4 groups of 17-18 students.

Are your programs aligned with the new Michigan Science Standards and Next Generation Science Standards?

Our programs were recently updated to ensure they continue to complement current standards. See NGSS, DCI, and CC alignment for our Field Trip Programs here. Each program focuses on specific vocabulary, content, and themes that can easily be integrated into your curriculum for the year. For more information or questions regarding our correlation with standards, please contact our Program Manager.

What should we do if we need to cancel?

Please see our cancellation policy. Any questions regarding a cancellation can be addressed by emailing, or by calling 734-997-1553.

What if we're not a school group? Can you customize programs for different groups or age-levels? 

All are welcome at LSNC! If you are a camp, scout, church, or other community group interested in doing one of our field trip programs, please contact our Program Manager to see if we can meet your needs.

What is your site and trail like?

LSNC is located on a public park and can be accessed from dawn 'til dusk every day of the year. We have four different buildings that we use as classrooms. Our Black Pond Woods and Prairie trails that allow your students to explore plants and animals in nature. The dirt trail has gentle slopes but can be slippery if the soil is damp or snowy, so wear shoes with good traction. Check out the LSNC Site and Trail Map and our Parking Map for an overview of our site. For select programs, we will also take a visit to our raptor enclosures and Critter House, to get an up close experience with native wildlife. 

What can we expect for our program?

Every one of our programs is a little bit different depending on the theme and content. What is consistent is that students will be active and outside! For each of our programs, students will be participating in hands-on activities, making observations, playing games, and taking a hike on one of our trails. For specific information regarding program content, feel free to contact the Main Office at

What does lunch include?

Lunch add-ons are 30 minutes long.  For sunny days, seating is outside on picnic tables. Your group will have access to recycling, trash, compost, bathrooms, and a drinking fountain. In the case of inclement weather, you will have an indoor space provided. Lunch needs to be scheduled ahead of time to ensure we can accommodate your students. Students or schools should pack their own lunches.   We will provide space for lunches to be stored. 

Do you offer scholarships?

Schools can also apply for funding through the following organizations:

Have additional questions?

Please contact our Office Manager at 734.997.1553, or by e-mailing

We hope to see you soon!