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Birthday Parties

Due to ongoing site maintenance, birthday parties are temporarily unavailable at our site.

Still interested in scheduling a party? From April through August, schedule a standard or custom birthday party at Furstenberg Nature Area! Partygoers will have the opportunity to explore natural areas and meet animals up close!

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Please email or call 734-997-1553 for more information.

Celebrate your child's birthday with a nature-themed adventure!

Leslie Science & Nature Center offers many different birthday party packages to meet the interests of any child who enjoys exploring nature. From meeting animals up close to discovering animal tracks in the woods, parties include interactive and fun activities that are still educational for your guests.

Birthday parties can be scheduled throughout the year by filling out this request form or calling 734-997-1553. It is recommended to schedule your party at least one month in advance, as weekend availability fills up quickly.

Standard Birthday Parties

Our Standard Birthday Parties are 2 hours long, with 1 hour and 15 minutes of themed activities led by LSNC staff and 45 minutes of your own party time to celebrate with your group. Additionally, you will receive a t-shirt for the birthday child (additional shirts are available for purchase). Standard Birthday Parties cost $200 for members of LSNC and $225 for non-members, and cover up to 15 children. Choose your favorite theme below – each party package includes different activities that are designed for the age range listed, so having another party at LSNC is still a unique experience!

Animal Explorers
Appropriate for ages 2-4
Discover how animals use their senses by going out on the trails and asking the animals themselves! Find animal puppets that tell stories and meet an animal up close on your journey to discover why senses are so important.

Teddy Bear Tracking
Appropriate for ages 4-6
Grab your detective hats and get ready to explore! At this party, you’ll follow animal tracks through the woods to find some lovable and adventurous teddy bears and their stuffed animal friends who are having a party of their own. Once you solve the mystery of who has been scampering and slinking down the trail, you’ll meet some live animals up close!

Feathered Fiesta
Appropriate for ages 4-6
Discover the fantastic world of our feathered friends as you explore what makes birds unique! Search for birds in the wild, build a nest of your own, and meet one of LSNC’s resident birds of prey up close during this festive celebration.

Animal Adventure
Appropriate for ages 4-7
Prepare yourself for up-close animal encounters at this exciting party. Your birthday adventure will take you on a search for animals along the trail followed by meeting an animal upclose. Whether slimy, scaly, feathered, or furred, you and your fellow explorers will learn about where these incredible animals live, what they eat, and how they survive.

Slimy, Scaly Celebration
Appropriate for ages 4 and up Hop, slither, and climb through your birthday as you and your guests explore the incredible lives of reptiles and amphibians. You’ll stretch your legs when you go for a hike to explore their wild habitats out on our trails. Then, get ready for a close encounter with a reptile or amphibian to observe the unique behaviors of these slimy, scaly creatures.

All About Owls
Appropriate for ages 6 and up
Explore the mysterious world of these nocturnal hunters with a visit from one of our live resident owls. Discover how owls fly silently, see in the dark, and stealthily capture their prey. Spread your own wings on a hike to look for owl habitat out on the trail. You and your guests will even get to dissect owl pellets to look for clues about what LSNC’s owls eat for their dinner.

Radical Raptors
Appropriate for ages 7 and up 
Learn all about LSNC’s amazing birds of prey while letting your imagination soar! You’ll have the chance to meet two of our resident raptors up close, and take a hike using binoculars to search for birds in the wild.

Letterbox Quest
Appropriate for ages 8 and up
Calling all treasure hunters with a knack for solving puzzles! With a compass in hand, you and your guests will set off on a wacky treasure hunt in the wild to decipher clues, unravel riddles, and discover a secret treasure box.

Appropriate for ages 9 and up
Challenge your guests to a test of survival skills at this birthday adventure. Learn some survival techniques from our live resident birds of prey and construct a naturally-made shelter in the woods!

Custom Animal Parties

Custom Animal Birthday Party

Appropriate for all ages. Starting price is $250 for members and $275 for non-members.
Sometimes people become fascinated with a specific type of animal such as birds, snakes, lizards, spiders, or insects. Perhaps they simply like them all and want to meet a large variety! Either way, our Wildlife Staff can help put together a program that is sure to make your party the wildest one you’ve ever had. Our expert handlers can bring our amazing live animals to your home or location, or you can hold your Custom Animal Birthday at Furstenberg Nature Area. This birthday option will make your event one your guests will remember!

For example, maybe you want an animal presentation focusing on lizards but the guest also wants to meet an owl. No problem! The group of animals that you meet on your special day does not have to make sense as a theme, that’s our job! We will make sure that everyone has a great time and learns something along the way.

Adopt-an Animal Birthday Party

Appropriate for all ages. $325 for members and $350 for non-members.
It truly is better to give than to receive! Inspired by a young boy who opted to gather donations to support one of our educational animals in lieu of gifts, this party includes the one-year adoption of an educational animal and the opportunity to take photos with your adopted animal using your own camera. The animal you adopt will be a guest of honor at your party and your guests will learn all about the species — a few of its friends and relatives will also pay a visit! Animals are not handled by the birthday guest but rather are held close to the guest by trained staff for photos. Learn more about our adoption programs here.


These items may be added to a Standard or Custom Party. The cost listed below is added on to the base price of the party.

All add-ons should be reserved with initial booking to ensure availability. 



Party Extension $30 for 30 minutes Extend your party by an additional 30 minutes! Every party already comes with 45 minutes of your own time, which typically is just enough time to share a meal together. This is a great option for those that would like to do more during this time.
Active Games $25 for 30 minutes of games during your 45 minute party time, or combine with the Party Extension option Get outside and play some nature-inspired group games! LSNC Staff will lead the activities, so sit back and relax, or jump in on the fun!
Additional Guests $125 for up to 30 children Please note that for some of the activities, your guests will be divided into two groups. Not available for Animal Explorers, Letterbox Birthday Quest, or Survive!


Party Schedule: When to Arrive and What to Expect

Standard Birthday Parties and Adopt-an-Animal Birthdays are two hours long. You may arrive up to 20 minutes early to set up for your party, and guests may arrive at the start of your party time. The first 15 minutes will be a welcome activity as we wait for your guests to arrive, followed by an hour of thematic activities led by an LSNC staff member. The last 45-minutes is your own party-time in a shaded picnic area. Most families find this enough time to eat a meal or dessert together and clean up. Parties end promptly after two hours. The schedule for Custom Animal Parties vary – ask for a schedule as you plan your party with our staff!

Bringing Food for your Party

To best meet the dietary and health needs of you and your guests, LSNC does not provide food for birthday parties nor restrict what food you can bring. Most parties eat food during the last 45 minutes of their party time, so it is good to plan this timing into your schedule if you are picking something up or having food delivered. There is no refrigerator available, but parties are welcome to bring a cooler.

Number of Guests Allowed

LSNC restricts the number of children allowed at a birthday party to have an appropriate ratio of LSNC staff to children. Adults are free. The below rates and numbers apply to Standard Birthday Parties– please inquire about additional children for Custom Animal Parties and Adopt-an Animal Birthdays.

• $200 for members/$225 for non-members includes up to 15 children (including the birthday child)
• $25 extra per each additional child over 15
• Adults are free

My Party Is Today! What to Bring and How to Contact LSNC

Packing List:
• Food for your group, if you choose
• Serving utensils and dishware for your group.
• Appropriate clothing to enjoy the outdoors – here is a guide to help you dress for the weather
• Camera – you are welcome to take pictures during the party of your guests, and our animals!

You may arrive up to 20 minutes early to start setting up for your party and are expected to be cleaned up and heading out at the end of your party time. If you have any questions, you may contact the LSNC Office at 734-997-1553. Though the office is closed during evenings and weekends, LSNC staff will check voicemail throughout the day, so please leave a message and wait for a call back.

Important Information for your Guests

It is important to let your guests know that we will go outside rain or shine! Here is a guideline for dressing for the weather, as well as our guidelines for grownups to help you and your guests be well prepared to have an awesome party.


Furstenberg Nature Area is located at 2626 Fuller Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105.  The Nature Area is next to Gallup Park and across the street from Huron High School

Cancellation Policy

Please view the specifics on cancelling a birthday party by viewing our cancellation policy.