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Customizing your Party

Leslie Science & Nature Center staff will work with you to customize your party to make your upcoming birthday the perfect experience for you and your guests. You can select an add-on option to a Standard Birthday Party, create your own party from scratch to have a totally Custom Animal Party at your place or ours, or support your favorite animal through our Adopt-an Animal Birthdays, allowing your birthday celebration to be as unique as your child’s interests.

Add-on Options

These items may be added to a Standard Birthday Party. The cost listed below is added on to the standard price of $200 for members or $225 for non-members.

All add-ons should be reserved with initial booking to ensure availability. 



Party Extension $30 for 30 minutes Extend your party by an additional 30 minutes! Every party already comes with 45 minutes of your own time, which typically is just enough time to share a meal together. This is a great option for those that would like to do more during this time.
Camp Fire $25 during your 45-minute party time, or combine with the Party Extension option Let the kids build their own fire, or ask us to build it for you! The first 15 minutes of 45 min is spent preparing the fire, and last 30 minutes can be spent enjoying the fire, telling stories, or eating out by the fire pit.
Active Games $25 for 30 minutes of games during your 45 minute party time, or combine with the Party Extension option Get outside and play some nature-inspired group games! LSNC Staff will lead the activities, so sit back and relax, or jump in on the fun!
Critter House Visit $25 for a 30 minute visit during your 45 minute party time, or combine with the Party Extension option. Visit the Critter House and meet some animals up close! Available only for All About Owls, Feathered Fiesta, Letterbox Birthday Quest, and Survive which do not already visit the Critter House.
Additional Guests $125 for up to 30 children Please note that for some of the activities, your guests will be divided into two groups. Not available for Animal Explorers, Letterbox Birthday Quest, or Survive!

Custom Animal Birthday Party

Appropriate for all ages. Starting price is $250 for members and $275 for non-members.
Sometimes people become fascinated with a specific type of animal such as birds, snakes, lizards, spiders, or insects. Perhaps they simply like them all and want to meet a large variety! Either way, our Wildlife Staff can help put together a program that is sure to make your party the wildest one you’ve ever had. Our expert handlers can bring our amazing live animals to your home or location, or you can hold your Custom Animal Birthday at LSNC. This birthday option will make your event one your guests will remember!

For example, maybe you want an animal presentation focusing on lizards but the guest also wants to meet an owl. No problem! The group of animals that you meet on your special day does not have to make sense as a theme, that’s our job! We will make sure that everyone has a great time and learns something along the way.

Adopt-an Animal Birthday Party

Appropriate for all ages. $325 for members and $350 for non-members.
It truly is better to give than to receive! Inspired by a young boy who opted to gather donations to support one of our educational animals in lieu of gifts, this party includes the one-year adoption of an educational animal and the opportunity to take photos with your adopted animal using your own camera. The animal you adopt will be a guest of honor at your party and your guests will learn all about the species — a few of its friends and relatives will also pay a visit! Animals are not handled by the birthday guest but rather are held close to the guest by trained staff for photos. Learn more about our adoption programs here.