Important Info for Camp Families

Please read this important information before you register for camp. Click on each header for more info.

COVID-19 Response

UUnity in Learning camps prioritize the safety and well-being of all campers and staff. UIL will be following State of Michigan and American Camp Association protocols for camp operation during COVID-19. Each group will have access to their own bathroom and indoor shelter. We will make use of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) such as face masks, frequent hand washing, and appropriate physical distancing as they have proven effective at limiting the spread of the disease. All campers and staff may be asked to go through a health screening (including infrared temperature check) prior to entering camp every day. If they exhibit symptoms they will not be admitted to camp until they have had a negative COVID-19 test or have been fever and fever mediation free for seventy-two (72) hours, or other symptoms have improved and at least ten (10) days have passed since symptoms first appeared. If a staff member or camper begins exhibiting signs while at camp, they will be separated from other campers and monitored from a safe physical distance until they are picked up. All UIL Camp Staff are required to be vaccinated.

As of April 25 2022, campers will only be required to wear masks while indoors during Unity In Learning summer camp programs. Inside times at camp may look like going inside to use the restroom with a buddy/staff, managing belongings inside buildings, and/or in the case of inclement weather. We will enforce wearing masks inside at all times.  

While outside, campers are welcome to wear masks if they choose but they will no longer be required. We will ask, and can help campers clip their masks to their nametag lanyards so they are always within reach and at their disposal. In addition, staff educators will have extra adult and child-sized masks in their backpacks at all times. As an organization, we have always prioritized outdoor explorations as a pillar of camp. We will be outside whenever possible so campers will spend ample time in large open spaces and with fresh air throughout their camp sessions.  

Early Member Registration

There will be early member registration and discounts for families with qualifying membership levels at Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum and Leslie Science and Nature Center available on Friday, February 11th. However, creating space and opportunity for everyone is a core part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative. So, while each camp group will have 18 total campers, 12 spots will be available for early member registration and 6 will become available once registration is open to the public. Once the 12 member spots, and 6 public spots have been filled, you will have the option of joining a waitlist (see waitlist policy below). If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to

Camp Packing List

  • Lunch
  • Water Bottle
  • Weather-appropriate clothes
  • Hat
  • A pouch with multiple face masks (2-3) in case they get wet or dirty
  • Sunscreen/Bug Spray
  • Change of clothes (including undergarments and a spare mask/face covering)
  • Sturdy shoes (strap -on sandals, sneakers, boots)
  • A bag or backpack to hold it all
  • No flip flops
  • No tank tops (protect your shoulders from the sun!)
  • No electronics
  • It is a camper’s responsibility to keep track of all of their belongings while at camp. To support campers’ success in this area, we encourage families to label all belongings with a camper’s first and last name and send all items in a bag or backpack

Important Reminders

  • Camp begins at 8:30am and ends at 3:30pm. Our extended day program, Camp Cool Down, will not be available for Summer 2022 due to anticipated staffing challenges.
  • Daily pre-screening questions, if required, can be done via CampDoc prior to arrival. If incomplete, a staff member will ask the questions prior to allowing your camper to enter camp.
  • Anyone picking up a camper, even parents, must show a valid photo ID (Driver’s license, Washtenaw ID, School ID, Passport). We can only accept IDs that are in English.
  • All campers must be picked up and signed out by someone listed on the release list in their Electronic Health Record.
  • We must charge a fee of $1/minute (after a 10-minute grace period) when campers are picked up late. If you know you will be arriving late to pick up a camper, please call the camp site where your camper is attending camp.
  • Electronic Health Records must be completed after registration on This record includes release information and activity waivers for your camper. Electronic Health Records are locked at midnight the night before your camp session. Campers may not be left at camp until we have a completed form on file.

Medication at Camp

  • Campers are not permitted to carry their own medication at camp.
  • All medications required by a camper at camp must be given to a camper’s Camp Educators at sign in on their first day of camp. Emergency rescue medication (such as inhalers, Benadryl, EpiPen®, etc.) will be carried by camp staff and remain near your camper.
  • All prescription medication must be in the original prescription bottle with the camper’s name on the label.
  • Families are required to complete a medication authorization in their CampDoc Electronic Health Record for all campers requiring medication while at camp (including emergency rescue medication).
  • Please be sure that medication you are providing does not expire before a camper’s last day at camp.
  • All remaining medication will be picked up by the camper’s family at sign out on their last day of camp.

Special Programs, Visitors, and Field Trips

  • Guest Instructors: Any guest instructors or special visitors will be pre-screened before coming onsite and will follow all mask and physical distancing practices in place.
  • For site security and camper safety, parents, guardians, and other family and friends are not allowed on site during the day as they can disrupt activities and bring on homesickness. However, if you need to pick up a camper early or have any concerns you are welcome to contact the site office where your camper is attending camp.
  • Field trips are included in programming for some camp groups. Campers, Camp Educators, and Volunteers will take chartered school busses, AATA busses, or walk for most trips. In 2022, due to Covid-19, we anticipated only taking field trips where we can walk to our destination. Unity in Learning will provide details to registered campers and families by email in advance of the camp week and by checking in during camp drop off the week of camp. The electronic health record includes a blanket release for off-site field trips.

Typical Daily Schedule

Each camp day follows the same basic schedule, though daily activities vary depending on age group and camp theme. All activities are done with camper’s assigned groups and they will not blend with the other groups. 

8:30     Camper Sign In and Morning Stations
Parents and guardians sign campers in at their assigned camp building each day. While we are waiting for everyone to arrive, campers will choose from several different activities like art making, exploring specimens, or playing with blocks, Legos, and other manipulative toys.

9:00     House Meeting
To start off our day, campers will gather to hear the day's schedule, play some name games, sing songs, and do cheers. On Mondays, all camp groups review the camp rules and talk about camper’s hopes and expectations for the week.

9:15-11:30     Morning Activities
We'll go outdoors to hike, explore, play games, and enjoy the sunshine. Campers will visit the Critter House at least once during their camp week. Morning snack will be provided. On Mondays, Morning Activities end early for All Camp when all camp groups come together for games and songs.

11:30-12:45    Lunch and Free Time
Lunch is held eating picnic style outside with the camp groups. To make sure they have enough energy for the day, campers, staff, and volunteers stay seated and focused on eating and drinking water for 20 minutes. Campers are encouraged to recycle and compost. After lunch, we have free play, with each group at a designated area around LSNC.

12:45-1:30    Chillaxation
Chillaxation is held by each camp group individually. Campers are given a time to relax and reflect on the day's adventures. Stories, reading, drawing, resting, cloud watching, and other quiet activities are included. 

1:30-2:45        Choice Time
During choice time, Camp Educators and volunteers will offer 3 activities on which their group will vote and choose one to do for that day. Each day there is an active choice, and artsy choice, and an environmental education choice (though these categories sometimes overlap). In the event that a camper cannot or does not want to participate in the choice, an alternative activity will be provided but the camper must stay with the group.

Thursday is Choice Day, with 3 choice times spaced throughout the day, ending with Choice Carnival in the afternoon, where campers are able to go to each of several stations, including silly games, and tie dye! 

2:45-3:30      Afternoon Snack, Clean-up, and Circle Games
After choice time, campers return to their houses to tidy up for the day, usually taking their belongings outside for pick-up. After the building is tidy and everyone is ready to go, camp groups will eat a healthy snack and work together to brainstorm a list for their “Ask Me About” board which includes a list of topics or questions that are meant to spark conversations about camp experiences between campers and their families. Camp groups will play silly circle games, sing songs, or practice brain teasers until families arrive.

3:30      Camper Sign Out
Our camp day ends promptly at 3:30pm. All campers must be picked up and signed out by someone on their Emergency & Release Form. Campers will remain near their assigned camp building until a staff member or volunteer comes to collect them. Whoever is picking them up will remain in their vehicle while their ID is checked and the camper is brought to them.

Typical Weekly Schedule

Like the daily schedule, our weekly camp schedule follows the same basic arc, though activities change based on age group and camp theme. On short weeks, this schedule is subject to change, but will always include Choice Day—we know that is a favorite part of camp!








House Meeting

Morning Activities

House Meeting

Morning Activities

House Meeting

Morning Activities

House Meeting

Choice Time #1

or Choice Carnival*

House Meeting

Morning Activities


Lunch & Free Time

Lunch & Free Time

Lunch & Free Time

Lunch & Free Time

Lunch & Free Time



Choice Time

Clean-up & Games


Choice Time

Clean-up & Games


Choice Time

Clean-up & Games


Choice Carnival* or Choice Time #2

Clean-up & Games


Choice Time




Clementines/Ritz Crackers


Air-popped Popcorn/Sweet Snack



*Choice Carnival: Campers will circulate with their group to several different stations including silly games and tie dye. 

Camper Behavior Policy

Whenever possible, Unity in Learning Camps strive to offer campers positive choices, to recognize their feelings, to develop language for talking about behavior, and to teach them through conflict. If a camper’s behavior is disruptive to the program or to the experience of others, the following actions will be taken: 

  1. Staff observing the behavior will redirect camper’s behavior by offering a positive choice.
  2. If a positive choice is not appropriate, or if the behavior persists, staff will identify the problem and discuss it with the camper, letting the camper know that the staff member is there to help. Staff will immediately stop any physical (hitting/kicking) or emotional (name calling or teasing) damage being done before moving to the next step.
  3. Staff will help the camper identify possible solutions and help them choose a solution. Camp staff will make every effort to check back in with the camper to see if the solution is working.
  4. If the issue still persists, or if a camper needs to decompress, staff will ask the camper to take a break from the group’s activities and then talk with them to process what happened.
  5. Staff will notify the onsite Camp Director if any situation escalates to the “take a break” level, or if they need additional support. Camp staff will make every effort to check in with camper’s parents/guardians by phone or at pick-up, explain what happened and what action was taken by both camp staff and the camper, and discuss additional solutions and ways to support the camper further.

Unity in Learning Camps reserve the right to remove a camper from camp for any unsafe or inappropriate behavior including: bullying, violence, sexual harassment, endangering the safety of any camper or staff member, any type of discrimination, destruction of property, theft, verbal abuse, and possession of any type of weapon. No refunds for any camp fees paid will be issued in the event that a camper is asked to leave camp for unsafe or inappropriate behavior.

Group Requests, Session Limit and Waitlist Policy

Camp age groups are determined by grade completed in the previous school year. K/1 (completed full day Young 5's, Kindergarten, or First Grade), 2/3 (completed Second or Third Grade), or 4/5 (completed Fourth or Fifth Grade).

Some weeks we are offering two different camp themes for the K/1 and 2/3 age group to accommodate demand. If your camper would like to be in the same camp group as a specific friend or family member, you must register them for the same camp theme and submit a request to the camp leadership team.

Campers are allowed to register for up to three summer camp weeks. 

Due to the high-volume of camp transactions, we are unable to fill waitlists by phone. When a camp session is full, you may register to be on the waitlist for the camp. In the event there is an opening in a camp, we will email all individuals on the waitlist. Waitlisted individuals can then send a response email to on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the spot is filled, the waitlist will continue until another opening becomes available. Questions regarding waitlist opportunities should be directed to the Leslie Science & Nature Camp Leadership at 734-205-9531

Cancellation and Refund Information

All in-person camp registrations will require a non-refundable deposit paid upon registration. Any cancellation made up to 14 days prior to the start date of a camp program will receive a full refund minus the non-refundable deposit. Any cancellation made within 14 days of the start date of a camp program will not be eligible for a refund. All cancellation requests must be submitted through your CampDoc registration portal. Refunds will be issued through the CampDoc system or by check, and may take up to 4 weeks for processing.

You may elect to allow Unity In Learning to use a payment method on file. By selecting Yes, you are authorizing Unity In Learning to charge any balance on your account and/or setup payment plans for you. You will receive an email notification receipt for every charge. If you select No, you will need to manually pay your account balance, and Unity In Learning may need to contact you each time they need to process a charge or adjust your payment plan. In the case of refunds, your refund may be delayed if you do not elect to save a payment method in CampDoc.

If a participant fails to attend a registered session without notice, no refund will be issued.  In cases of homesickness, dismissal from camp, or voluntary withdrawal, there will be no refund of any fees.

In alignment with keeping our community safe, we also strongly urge families to keep their camper(s) home if exhibiting any symptoms of illness this summer. One goal of our 2022 Cancellation Policy is to encourage honesty and communication. With this transparency, we ask families to communicate camper symptoms with camp leadership, and have the option to receive a refund specifically for the days their camper(s) cannot attend due to illness.

Our cancellation policy states that each camp program has a non-refundable deposit: $50 for week-long sessions and $20 for one-day sessions. The remaining tuition for week-long sessions will be divided by five camp days and refunds will be given based on days missed due to illness. We are trusting our camp families to not take advantage of this and our non-profit, and only utilize this when truly sick/exhibiting symptoms. Please see below for the sick cancellation refund option:

Camp Days Missed Due to Illness Amount Refunded per Camper
One* $50
Two $100
Three $150
Four $200
Five $250

*One-day camp sessions will also be refunded $50 if missed due to illness

We reserve the right to grant exceptions in situations as needed. Please note that this policy differs from the cancellation policy used for other programs. If you are cancelling a program that is not camp please refer to our standard cancellation policy.

Camp Family Policy Handbook

Details regarding all camp policies and procedures can be found in our Camp Family Policy Handbook. Individuals who would like to review internal policies and procedures can direct requests to Julia Gwizdz, Camp Programs Manager by email: