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Bring hands-on science into your home with our brand-new Camp-at-Home program!

Camp-at-Home is specially designed to reduce the amount of time campers spend on a screen and encourage children to spend their summer outside exploring and discovering STEM and the natural world. Getting children up, moving, and engaging in science has always been at the core of camp and continues to be an integral part of Camp-at-Home!

Unsure if Camp-at-Home is right for your family? Try our FREE Camp-at-Home Sample, and look at a sample Parent Inside Look to see what a week's program looks like. 


Camp-at Home - $40 per session ($35 for LSNC and AAHOM members)

When you sign up for a session of Camp-at-Home, you'll get the following:

    • Follow-along Activities: 5 days of STEM activities in short step by step videos campers can watch and follow along on their own with little to no parent involvement. These activities are designed to be done over a couple of hours each day, but your camper can do them whenever works best for your family.
    • Science & Nature Camp Episodes: 5 short videos that will take a deeper dive into the science concepts discussed that week.
    • Parent Inside Look Guide: A list of activities and other information so that you can see what the camp’s session has in store. Click on the links below to check them out.
    • FREE Weekly Materials Kit: Order by the cutoff date to receive an included materials kit with almost everything your camper will need to do our STEM activities. These kits can be acquired through a no-contact pickup or shipped to your home for a small fee. Each kit contains enough materials for one camper. Families will have the option to order additional kits if multiple children are participating. Families will be able to register for the program after the cutoff date, but will not be able to receive a materials kit with registration.
    • Shipping or No-Contact Pickup Options: You can elect to have your kits shipped for the cost of shipping and handling. For those in the Ann-Arbor area, free No-contact pickup is available on Thursdays 4:00-6:00 and Sundays 3:00-5:00. Information on pickup will be emailed to you the week before camp begins. 

    Camp-at-Home Scholarships

    Click here to apply for a scholarship that would cover 75% of the cost of Camp-at-Home!

    Apply for a scholarship!

    Optional Education Add-ons

    For interested families, we offer the following low-cost add-ons to further extend your child’s learning experience. You can select optional education add-ons during registration on

    • Camp Group Calls - $10 per week: Daily scheduled video calls that will focus on fun group games and relationship building to give your camper a chance to connect with other children and camp staff. Camp group calls are Monday through Friday at 10:00 am and will last 30 minutes most days.
    • Live Interactive Lessons - $5 per week: Extend your camper’s learning with a live interactive lesson each week. Campers will have an opportunity to meet an educator, ask questions, and participate in activities. Live interactive lessons are on Wednesdays at 12:00 pm and will last 30 to 45 minutes most days.

    Activity Starter Kits

    For interested families, we have created convenient packages of the materials and tools needed for many of our activities throughout the summer. These kits only need to be purchased once. You can find a full list of contents in the CampDoc registration. Due to speed of shipping and preparation, starter kits may take up to two weeks to be available. You can select activity starter kits during registration on

    • STEM Starter Kit - $45: All the science tools your camper needs to do great hands-on science. This kit includes items like binoculars, thermometers, and hand microscopes.
    • Art Starter Kit - $30: All the tools and starter materials needed for engaging art activities. This kit includes items like paintbrushes, glue, and scissors.

    Camp-at-Home Schedule

    Campers of any age may register, but all themes are intended for participants in Kindergarten through Fifth grade and may not be at an engaging level for younger or older participants. We will provide resources on modifications to help better meet the needs of campers of varying ages. 

    Click on the camp title to see our inside look for your camp session. Please note, that exact activities are subject to change during production.



    Free Kit Cutoff Date

    Shortened Description

    June 22 - 26

    Nature's Spies

    June 10

    Past Session

    June 29 - July 3

    Cold Blooded Critters

    June 17

    Past Session

    July 6 - 10

    Seeds, Sprouts, and Stems

    June 24

    Past Session

    July 13 - 17

    Engineer it!

    July 1

    Past Session

    July 20 - 24

    No Camp


    July 27 - 31

    Science of Flight

    While supplies last Learn how birds, bats, and bugs use their special skills and senses to navigate the unique challenges of flight.

    August 3 - 7

    Wondrous Wetlands

    While supplies last We'll spend some time exploring the incredible world of wetlands as we work to understand why they are important. 

    August 10 - 14

    Fantastic Fossils and Where to Find Them

    Out of stock

    Learn how ancient creatures were preserved in mud, meet a modern living dinosaur, and practice your detective skills as you piece together fossilized animals.

    August 17 - 21

    Intruder Alert

    While supplies last
    Explore how invasive species snuck their way into nature’s different habitats, and plan to take over the homes of many native species. 

    August 24 - 28

    Out of this World - Registration Full

    Out of stock We’ll discover what makes stars shine so brightly, investigate mysterious forces, and design your very own space craft to explore uncharted planets!


    • Email: If you have questions, you may direct them to our camp staff at Please Include your camper's full name and what camp(s) they are registered for in your email.

    • Phone Calls: Due to our staff working from home and our filming schedule, we are often unable to respond to phone calls quickly. If your question is timely, email will be the fastest way to get an answer. Please Include your camper's full name and what camp(s) they are registered for in your voicemail.


    What are the goals of Camp-at-Home?

    Based on feedback from families and through working with camp and STEM professionals across the country, we have designed our Camp-at-Home program with the following priorities in mind:

    • STEM and Environmental Education: Our organization works to provide moments of discovery that inspire curiosity, exploration, and respect for STEM and the natural world. Camp-at-Home programs are designed to encourage campers to learn and explore at their own pace in a home environment.
    • Outdoor Exploration and Hands-On Experiences: Camp-at-Home activities encourage campers to get up, moving, and outdoors. At camp we believe strongly that children learn best when they are able to practice science and that all children need time to explore the natural world.
    • Reduced Screen Time: Our Camp-at-Home looks to utilize digital tools to facilitate high quality education while limiting the amount of time children need to utilize screens and devices. At camp we want to encourage children to get up and engage the world around them and to provide a different experience from the many other educational opportunities available.
    • Reduced Caregiver Involvement: We know that the lives of many families are complicated. Caregivers are balancing work from home, multiple children of different ages, caring for relatives, and any number of other complicated and important responsibilities. Camp-at-Home seeks to reduce the amount of involvement needed from parents and caregivers and to provide a way to engage campers in educational opportunities that fit the varied schedules and needs of families.

    Why isn’t everything included, why are there add-ons?

    We know every family’s needs are different and not every family is interested in all of the content we’re creating this summer. We are providing extra educational opportunities as optional add-ons in order to keep the cost of Camp-at-Home low for all families while still allowing families to choose to join in additional programming.

    How will families get Camp-at-Home content?

    Camp-at-Home videos will be provided through Google Classroom, a convenient and simple platform that allows families many options for devices and participation through an app or web browser. As an added convenience, we will be providing all Camp-at-Home content in a downloadable Google Drive folder so that families can save videos and materials right to their computer or device. This option will be great for families who would like their child to participate without needing to access the internet frequently. Live Interactive Lessons and Camp Group Calls will be provided through secure Zoom rooms and supervised by trained camp staff.

    Information on how to access all content will be emailed to the address associated with your camper’s CampDoc profile.

    Please note, Google Classroom requires you to set up a personal google account if you do not already have one. You can follow these steps to do so: Some workplaces and schools provide Google accounts that do not allow you to join other Google Classroom spaces. You will need to use a personal Google account if that is the case. 

    I have multiple children. Do I need to sign up for every child?

    You are welcome to register once for your household. Since Camp-at-Home is pre-recorded, children can do activities together or separately on their own schedule. Please note, we include one free weekly kit per registration. These kits contain the materials needed for one participant, and you will be given the option to order extra weekly kits during registration if you have multiple children participating.

    How will families get their kits?

    Kits will be provided through a no-contact pickup at our Leslie Science & Nature Center location at scheduled times prior to the start of camp. During registration you will be given the option to have a kit shipped to your home for an additional fee. Families unable to do a physical pickup at the Leslie Science & Nature Center will need to select the shipping option in order to receive their kit. Kit pickup occurs Thursdays, 4:00-6:00 and Sundays, 3:00-5:00. 

    Why is there a cutoff date for kits?

    Due to current complications and delays in shipping from major vendors, it is necessary for us to submit our orders well in advance to better ensure that supplies arrive on time.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    Families who submit a cancellation 7 or more days in advance will receive a full refund on their Camp-at-Home sessions and Optional Educational Add-ons. Cancellations submitted less than 7 days in advance will not be eligible for a refund. To cancel your registration, you must do so through your camper’s CampDoc account.

    We are unable to provide refunds for Starter Kits and any additional materials kits purchased during registration.