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Black Pond Woods

Black Pond Woods Trail

The trail through the Black Pond Woods will allow you to explore the plants and animals of the forest. Look for nests, tracks, holes and other signs that animals have been here. The dirt trail has gentle slopes but can be slippery if the soil is damp or snowy, so wear shoes with good traction.

The trail is open from sunrise to sundown and the large loop is a full mile. The full trail can be completed in about twenty minutes if you're walking quickly, but it can take as long as you like if you prefer to stroll and explore.

When you arrive, begin your hike either at the trailhead, just past the garden, or near the large fire circle north of the Critter House. Trail maps are available in our office.

Grab your GPS and hit the trails to discover some highlighted natural features!

What is geocaching? Geocaching is a world-wide outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Players navigate to a given set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache - a container or natural feature - hidden at that location. LSNC has 3 official geocaches hidden on-site. After you've logged the official caches, enjoy this self-guided hike while exploring Black Pond Woods!

Every season offers new discoveries!


In the spring, watch trees and plants bloom and listen to the songs of migrating birds. Wild flowers blossom, frogs croak, and the mosquitoes are still larva in the pond. Enjoy the color chasing away the cold as the woods slowly wake up to the warmer weather.

Bring your sunscreen and a picnic to enjoy in this beautiful season. The forest is a frenzy of activity — cicadas buzz, cicada-killer-wasps hunt them down, rabbits nibble on dandelions, and hummingbirds flit from flower to flower in search of nectar.

With more than fifty species of trees filling our woods, nearly all colors in the rainbow can be spotted. Animals are busily gathering supplies to weather the winter; often you can get a front row seat to a squirrel patching their drey! Wander the meandering trails and experience nature in transition.

Look for tracks in the snow, appreciate the stillness of the woods … and bring your sled! The hill behind the Leslie House has one of the best slopes around! The winter is the best time to see the stories of the animals that live in Black Pond Woods: Who was here? What were they doing? Read their tracks to find out!

LSNC Trail Map