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Birthday FAQ

Party Prices

Payment is due in full when you schedule your party, and can be accepted through Visa, MasterCard, check, or cash in our Main Office, or through Visa or MasterCard over the phone. 

Party Type

Member Price

Non-Member Price
Standard Birthday Party
(Add-On Options incur an additional charge
$200 $225
Custom Animal Birthday $250* $275*
Adopt-an-Animal Birthday $325 $350

*Custom Animal Parties may incur an additional charge depending on the length, location, and activities in your party.


Membership to the Leslie Science & Nature Center helps supports our programs and offers a variety of perks for you, one of which is a discount on birthday parties! Sign up online or inquire with our Main Office when you schedule your birthday party.

Party Schedule: When to Arrive and What to Expect

Standard Birthday Parties and Adopt-an-Animal Birthdays are two hours long. You may arrive up to 20 minutes early to set up for your party, and guests may arrive at the start of your party time. The first 15 minutes will be an activity inside your building space as we wait for your guests to arrive, followed by an hour of thematic activities led by an LSNC staff member. With 45 minutes remaining, we will return to your building for your own party time. Most families find this enough time to eat a meal or dessert together and clean up. LSNC staff will clean the floor and bathrooms, but we expect you to clean up your own decorations and food. Parties end promptly after two hours. The schedule for Custom Animal Parties vary – ask for a schedule as you plan your party with our staff!

Decorating for your Party

You may arrive 20 minutes early to start setting up for your party. We encourage you to decorate your party space, though do not allow helium balloons or adhesives to our wallpaper or paint. The LSNC staff member leading your party will help you find appropriate spots to hang your decorations when you arrive that will not damage our building. Our rectangular tables are 6 or 8 feet long by 2.5 feet - most families bring two tablecloths to cover the tables provided by LSNC. You are expected to remove any decorations you bring to LSNC.

Bringing Food for your Party

To best meet the dietary and health needs of you and your guests, LSNC does not provide food for birthday parties nor restrict what food you can bring. Party buildings include kitchens with a fridge, freezer, and counter space to store any food you bring or have delivered. Most families eat food during the last 45 minutes of their party time, so it is good to plan this timing into your schedule if you are picking something up or having food delivered.

Number of Guests Allowed

LSNC restricts the number of children allowed at a birthday party to have an appropriate ratio of LSNC staff to children. Adults are free. The below rates and numbers apply to Standard Birthday Parties– please inquire about additional children for Custom Animal Parties and Adopt-an Animal Birthdays.

• $200 for members/$225 for non-members includes up to 15 children (including the birthday child)
• $25 extra per each additional child over 15
• You may select the Additional Guests Add-on Option for up to 30 kids for an additional $125 – please note that for a party with up to 30 children there will be two LSNC staff members leading your party and your guests will be divided into two groups for some of the activities.
• Adults are free, but your total number of guests may not exceed our building limits.

Building Descriptions and Amenities

There are two party spaces at LSNC: the Energy House and the Leslie House
Energy House: This building has a green roof and solar panels, and is on the north side of our property (or the right side when you’re in the parking lot). The Energy House can accommodate up to 50 guests total, and has one large room with a kitchenette including a fridge, freezer, microwave, stove, dishwasher, sink, and counter space. You may use our dishes if you wash them before you leave. As part of its green design, this building features separate girls’ and boys’ restrooms with composting toilets and a grey water bed system in the basement.
Leslie House: Dr. Eugene and Emily Leslie’s former home, this building offers a first floor kitchen, single bathroom, and living room for use during your party. The upstairs is office space and is off-limits for the general public. The kitchen includes a fridge, freezer, microwave, counter space, and sink. You may use our dishes if you wash them before you leave. This building can accommodate up to 30 guests total, and is on the south side of our property (or the left side when you’re in the parking lot).

My Party Is Today! What to Bring and How to Contact LSNC

Packing List:
Decorations if you would like!
• Food/cake for your group, if you choose
• Serving utensils and dishware for your group. You are also welcome to borrow LSNC’s kitchen supplies as long as you wash them before you go
• Tablecloths to cover LSNC’s tables – Two are recommended
• Appropriate clothing to enjoy the outdoors – here is a guide to help you dress for the weather
• Camera – you are welcome to take pictures during the party of your guests, our animals, and site!

You may arrive up to 20 minutes early to start setting up for your program, and are expected to be cleaned up and heading out of the building at the end of your party time. If you have any questions, you may contact the LSNC Office at 734-997-1553. Though the office is closed during evenings and weekends, LSNC staff will check voicemail throughout the day, so please leave a message and wait for a call back.

Party Invitations and Important Information for your Guests

LSNC has the following invitations that you are welcome to download, fill out, and send to your guests. As an organization committed to supporting and protecting the natural world, we encourage you to send your invitations via email! If you prefer, you may print your invitations (cardstock is recommended) and deliver in person or via the post.

    It is important to let your guests know that we will go outside rain or shine! Here is a guideline for dressing for the weather, as well as our guidelines for grownups to help you and your guests be well prepared to have an awesome party.


    LSNC is nestled in a neighborhood at 1831 Traver Rd, Ann Arbor MI, 48105. You may find directions and a map to LSNC here.

    Cancellation Policy

    Please view the specifics on cancelling a birthday party by viewing our cancellation policy.

    Overnight Birthday Parties

    Coming Soon! Please contact the Main Office at info@lesliesnc.org to inquire about our upcoming Overnight Add-On