A group of children attending a camp, standing outdoors in a row, with two of our educators

Zach Wood

Zach was born in Kalamazoo, MI and was an indoor kid. He preferred the comfort of a couch and a good book to being outdoors, but everything changed when he visited his local nature center. Inspired by the trails and critters he saw, he quickly fell in love with all things wild. Zach soon found himself picking books about animals and science, exclaiming in excitement as he watched the Kratt brothers, and found nature websites on early dial up internet. It wasn’t long before he started to explore his backyard, venture to the zoo, and visiting the nature center as frequently as possible. Fast forward to the present and Zach loves to spend his time camping, hiking, and other natural activities. He’s still a bit of an indoor kid and enjoys board games, a good book, and watching Netflix, but now those shows are often BBC Earth documentaries.

Camp Programs Manager