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Lannis Smith

Ever since I could walk, I’ve been using my two legs to walk through the wilderness. A Michigan Native, I’ve strived to pursue a career in wildlife biology and environmental education. I received my bachelor’s degree in Biology at Albion College, and am currently working towards my Master’s in Environmental Science at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I’ve worked at places ranging from fitness retail centers to zoo education. But thing has always stood the test of time: My passion for taking my work outdoors. When I’m not exploring what michigan’s environment has to offer, I horseback ride, and have been for about 19 years. I own a horse named Fred, and a very energetic dog named Rufio. I also sing, run, kayak, and hike regularly! Last, if there is one thing I hope people learn from meeting me, it’s to always view the world with a smile on your face. What’s the use of frowning while the sun is shining? Go explore and enjoy the moment while you still have the time.
Wildlife Programs Manager