the head of an eagle, in profile against an undifferentiated blue background.

Galen Burrell

Galen Burrell is an Ann Arbor local and a former Leslie Science & Nature Center camper. Galen enjoys playing the guitar and coming up with cheesy puns, even if they aren't always very gouda and some people say it makes him a muenster. He recently graduated U of M with a major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (as well as German), and he hopes to become a veterinarian and professor in biology. He has field experience working with small mammals such as bats, mice, and squirrels. In addition to babysitting jobs, Galen has worked as an English teacher for middle school students in Germany and he hopes his work at camp will further his experience as an educator. Galen has been passionate about the importance of nature since he was a kid and hopes to instill an enthusiasm for the natural world in the next generation of summer camp scientists!

Summer Camp Educator